Thank you for visiting Remember for Me. This project is a collective tribute page honoring individuals with dementia and the people who love them.

The Memory Box, closed

When my father first showed signs of dementia, I made a small box for him filled with tiny rolled papers. Each one, wrapped with a red ribbon, was a treasured memory from our lives together. There was no way to change the course of his condition, no way to stop the inevitable. The box was simply my way of saying, I know one day you might not remember but I do. I’ll remember for you. Whether he remembered or not, those events happened. As long as I remember, they exist.

Dementia is challenging for everyone involved. It is easy to be overwhelmed by the sadness of it, by the loss of someone you love while they are still physically with you. When my father was alive, his dementia cast a shadow in my thoughts. A cloud that was always there. When he died after ten years with the condition, wonderful memories flooded my mind like they’d suddenly been set free. Remember for Me is a place to let memories live not hidden by the cloud of dementia but, for just a moment, free.

The Memory Box, closed

D. Liebhart

D. Liebhart is a writer and registered nurse. Her work has appeared in The Bellevue Literary Review, The Baltimore Review, The Wascana Review, The Griffin, The Oracle, and Fence. Her creative non-fiction piece “Thalassophobia” won the Linda Julian Creative Nonfiction Prize from Emrys Journal. Her debut novel, House on Fire, was long-listed for the Petrichor Prize and is available at Bookshop and Amazon.